Summer Travel Essentials

Summer Travel Essentials

Pack light and carry on with Lush

Easy, travel-friendly products to toss in your bag, so you can stay fresh and get on with your vacation.

No Drought Star rating 4.0 star-filled star-filled star-filled star-filled star-empty
(624) Reviews
Dry Shampoo

No Drought

Wash-free hair refresher
$10.00 / 1.7 oz.

Haircare Top Tip

Store your naked shampoo bar in a 100% natural, reusable, biodegradable cork pot.

Super Milk Star rating 4.5 star-filled star-filled star-filled star-filled star-half
(274) Reviews
Conditioning Hair Primer

Super Milk

Light leave-in for curls and coils
$22.00 / 3.3 fl. oz.

How to Store Naked Products

Not sure how to get your naked Lush products home and keep them dry while travelling? We’ll show you.

Wash Away Plastic

Our solid shampoo bars are perfect for travel. They're small, spill-proof and last up to 80 washes each.

Travel with Lush

We make many products solid to forgo synthetic preservatives and packaging, which conveniently makes them spill-proof and travel-friendly!

The Great Outdoors

Check out these camping essentials that will leave you feeling fresh and clean no matter where you go.

Kalamazoo Star rating 5.0 star-filled star-filled star-filled star-filled star-filled
(291) Reviews
Beard And Facial Wash


Creamy, citrusy wash
$15.00 / 3.5 oz.
Breath of Fresh Air Star rating 4.5 star-filled star-filled star-filled star-filled star-half
(302) Reviews

Breath of Fresh Air

Soothing aloe for dry skin
$14.00 / 3.3 fl. oz.
How to Care for a Sunburn

We’ve got some product recommendations to help treat sunburned skin and tips to prevent it from burning in the first place.

Travel-friendly Products

Want to make packing easier? These spill-proof and carry-on size products make travelling with shampoo and body wash a breeze.

Travel-friendly Oral Care

Take your oral care everywhere! Our solid toothpaste and mouthwash tabs give you fresh breath and won’t spill in your bag.

Oral Care without Fluoride

Our cruelty-free, innovative oral care range is made without fluoride.